On your visit to Halkidiki, if you desire relaxation, derive pleasure from the sea, want to experience genuine Greek hospitality and entertain yourself through various activities, then Kalamitsi and the Nine Muses complex constitute the ideal choice for your holiday! 

Nine Muses Management has planned activities which you can participate in right on the premises or in recreation centers, which complemented by our experienced professionals, offer you a unique experience during your stay in Kalamitsi Halkidiki.

Below you will find activities for which you can get information and from which you can select ones that further suit your needs.

Halkidiki Tours, Sea Excursions & Cruises

Daily Sea Excursions & Cruises

Enjoy daily excursions around Diaporos in Halkidiki (the largest of the island cluster) and Mount Athos. These excursions constitute a unique experience to explore Sithonia by swimming at amazing beaches. We can also organize one-day cruises to Greek islands which are located near Halkidiki, such as Skiathos and Skopelos.

Visits to Vineyards & Winery

During your stay at Nine Muses in Kalamitsi, you will have the excellent opportunity to visit the famous organically cultivated vineyards & the Porto Carras Winery. With the visitor in mind, the Winery owners have designed various tour packages for your selection so that you may have a wonderful experience during your tour of the Winery. Porto Carras Farm operates daily; however if you want to book a tour, you must do so three days before your visit. If you visit Sithonia Halkidiki during the wine grape harvest, you can register to see the harvesting process.

Experience Diving in Sithonia Halkidiki

Scuba Diving
South & Southeast Sithonia feature rich flora and fauna of its seafloor, which in combination with its reefs, caves, canyons and shipwrecks, etc., are the ideal choice for scuba diving, for avid fans of the sport. The dives take place from a dive boat twice daily and are planned by divers of all educational levels and specializations.

Sea Activities in Sithonia Halkidiki

Pedal Boats and Canoes
Enjoy the sea, by swimming at Kalamitsi Beach which is located only 200 meters from our hotel. If you want to add more excitement or entertainment to your time spent there, you and your friends or family can rent pedal boats or canoes from the rental center on the beach.

During your stay at Kalamitsi and Nine Muses, there are plenty of varied activities which you can participate in. If you’re a fan of fishing, we can arrange for you to fish by boat (with a fishing rod), at a nearby beach. The vessel is driven by an experienced partner of ours. We must mention that all our guests who choose this particular activity return with a smile from ear to ear. To schedule the your fishing trip, you must inform us at least one day in advance, which will take place, weather permitting. This activity is offered for free, with the compliments of Nine Muses Management.

Culinary & Savory Experiences

Greek Cuisine
If you love cooking, then you will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare one or more meals of Greek cuisine as the Nine Muses kitchen is accessible to all of our guests. The only thing you need to do is to let us know you are interested and to have the desire to participate in food preparation of the meals! As all of us here at Nine Muses in Halkidiki are passionate about and find great pleasure in treating you with our Greek Hospitality, we offer this activity for free.